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John J. Guerin

John J. Guerin (State Bar No.: 20976) practiced law for over 50 years in Los Angeles and Orange County.  A true general practitioner, John Guerin was a "lawyers' lawyer," often providing sound legal advice to younger attorneys. John Guerin handled myriad legal appeals, and had over 40 published appeals over his distinguished legal career. For example, John Guerin handled the case of Van Bogaert v. Avery (1969) 271 Cal. App. 2d 492, where the Court of Appeal discussed John Guerin's legal acumen:  

"The source of the Averys' predicament lies in the fact that the collection performance of Mark IV Agency in no way lived up to the military precision implicitly promised in its name. The original blunder of Mark IV Agency appears to have been its failure to instruct the marshal to accept no bid for the property under $15,000, a blunder compounded by inactivity in response to a sale for $25, and further compounded by continuing inactivity during the year following the sale. The Van Bogaerts, or perhaps their new lawyer, John Guerin...observing the creditor forces operating with inadequate communications and exposed flanks, quietly infiltrated the rear, and, after allowing sufficient time to build up their strength, launched a counterattack in force against the creditor battalions."​  

John Guerin practiced law with integrity, honesty and a commitment to the delivery of quality legal services.  The Guerin Firm strives to continue representation of clients in the same manner that John Guerin practiced law. 


Joseph P. Guerin

Joseph P. Guerin (State Bar No.: 11239) practiced law for over 30 years in Los Angeles and Orange County.  Joseph Guerin represented clients in both criminal and civil cases, and also had a number of published appellate decisions over his legal career.  Mr. Guerin was never one to back down from a challenge and a tough advocate for justice.


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